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Featuring all inclusive JUNE 23rd to 25th 2017 * 3 days/2 nights - Next *

Immerse in balancing mental, physical, emotional & spiritual health

Upcoming Wellbeing Retreats

From To Close off date Health Retreat Venue Booking
16-Sep-16 18-Sep-16 21-Aug-16 3 Days / 2 Nights St Andrews Beach CLOSED
29-Oct-16 01-Nov-16 25-Sep-16 4 Days / 3 Nights St Andrews Beach CLOSED 
17-Feb-17 19-Feb-17 17-Jan-17 3 Days / 2 Nights St Andrews Beach CLOSED
14-Apr-17 17-Apr-17 14-Mar-17 4 Days / 3 Nights St Andrews Beach CLOSED
19-May-17 21-May-17 19-Apr-17 3 Days / 2 Nights St Andrews Beach CLOSED
23-Jun-17 25-Jun-17 10-Jun-17 3 Days / 2 Nights St Andrews Beach OPEN – Book Now-3D

Exciting news – we are partnering with Penninsula Hot Springs. Our special is the the 4 Day Retreat that includes –> Introduction to Resilience Workshop, Bathing and Lunch package at the Hot Springs.


Thank you opening my heart, mind and soul to your teachings. It will help me to implement some daily routines to empower me on my journey. Blessings and Gratitude

Lisa from Melbourne Victoria

Thank you for a great weekend. I felt as if my energy batteries were flat. I now am recharged. Mindfulness is a powerful tool for the regrouping of self. Thank you for your welcoming, care and gentleness xx.

Trish from Victoria wrote

A super skeptic on arrival but thankful I came who would have believed mediation is REAL - I do now! Also who believe TOFU could be yummy - I do NOW!

Peter (Corporate Recruiting CEO) Victoria wrote

I came to the retreat feeling very overwhelmed. I was recovering from a major health issue (cancer) and struggling to find my way back to feeling normal. The Wellbeing Health Retreat gave me the opportunity to rest in a peaceful beautiful surroundings and the workshops on Mind/Body/Spirit/Heart enabled me to reflection on these aspects of life and be guided gently towards more beneficial habits. I am already using the techniques I learned and am still feeling peaceful and in control. Thank you Sharada and Tony..

Tracey from Heidelberg Victoria wrote

In a need of discovering self, feeling out of touch with my mind, body and spirit, this retreat gave me a new perspective on creating a new way of life. Thank you Tony and Sharada for your insight, wisdom and hospitality

Boris (Chiropractor) from Kensington Victoria wrote

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Singapore Workshops and Malaysia

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Sourcing new Retreats

Happy new year! We have been busy November, December and January. Late November we had the privilege of serving John of God Event in Sydney as part of the crew. It was a wonderful and healing experience witnessing people being healed as well as ourselves. During December we sourced beautiful venues in Queensland and Bali. Stay tuned... Read more »